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Our Mission

Blackbuck Resources (BBR) focuses on creating practical, effective, and economical solutions to the Energy and Industrial Sectors’ most challenging water applications.

BBR takes a full life-cycle view to ensure the excellence in execution of water management and currently treats water for E&P operators on four continents.

permian oil & gas midstream water disposal pipeline infrastructure


More than a water midstream company, BBR is a true water management solutions provider.

BBR is the only water midstream company to have evolved from a water treatment technology and services company. Our bottom-up approach means our team built a fundamental understanding of managing water and its implications to our customers. We do more than move and dispose of water. Solving the E&P sector’s toughest global water challenges as a technology and service company is in our DNA.

Elements of our approach:

  • Loop Strategy
    • Creating mini systems or a “loop” to support producers as they develop their fields provides the ultimate flexibility to respond to a shift in demand whether it be timing or location.
  • A Producer’s Mindset
    • The experience of our team offers a unique perspective into E&P operator water requirements for sourcing, recycling, and disposal. We do not view water challenges with the lens of a midstream or disposal operator.
  • Flexible Offtake Agreements
    • We focus on designing offtake solutions fit for our customers’ needs. This means we do not focus on acreage dedication for offtake. We have creative options that offer more flexibility to E&P operators.
  • Development Planning Capability
    • We look ahead and build out comprehensive development plans for our clients’ potential needs.
  • Water Treatment Experts
    • Our development plans and proposals will always include treatment optionality for current and future use. Globally we have treated over 1 billion barrels of water since 2015.
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