mission & strategy

Our Mission

Blackbuck Resources (BBR) focuses on creating practical, effective, and economical solutions to the Energy and Industrial Sectors’ most challenging water applications.

BBR takes a full life-cycle view to ensure the excellence in execution of water management and currently treats water for E&P operators on four continents.

permian oil & gas midstream water disposal pipeline infrastructure


More than a water midstream company, BBR is a true water management solutions provider.

BBR is the only water midstream company to have evolved from a water treatment technology and services company. Our bottom-up approach means our team built a fundamental understanding of managing water and its implications to our customers. We do more than move and dispose of water. Solving the E&P sector’s toughest global water challenges as a technology and service company is in our DNA.

Elements of our approach:

  • Loop Strategy
    • Creating mini systems or a “loop” to support producers as they develop their fields provides the ultimate flexibility to respond to a shift in demand whether it be timing or location.
  • A Producer’s Mindset
    • The experience of our team offers a unique perspective into E&P operator water requirements for sourcing, recycling, and disposal. We do not view water challenges with the lens of a midstream or disposal operator.
  • Flexible Offtake Agreements
    • We focus on designing offtake solutions fit for our customers’ needs. This means we do not focus on acreage dedication for offtake. We have creative options that offer more flexibility to E&P operators.
  • Development Planning Capability
    • We look ahead and build out comprehensive development plans for our clients’ potential needs.
  • Water Treatment Experts
    • Our development plans and proposals will always include treatment optionality for current and future use. Globally we have treated over 1 billion barrels of water since 2015.

leadership team

experienced and innovative

Our team is comprised of professionals with experience in water disposal & treatment, pipeline management, and oil & gas operations.

Samuel Oliver


Justin Love

Executive Chairman




SVP Land & Business Development

Cameron Weddle

VP Operations & Engineering

Victor Cuellar

VP Corporate Controller


Director of Operations

Erika Allgood

Head of Offices Operations/Executive Assistant

partners in production

partners in production

Blackbuck strives to provide water solutions that benefit all parties in an agreement:

  • Landowner partnerships
  • Optimal use of capital and lowest LOE through economies of scale
  • Flexible offering enabling Blackbuck to match customers’ water management DNA
  • Collaboration to ensure flow surety, operational uptime, and continuity in operations
  • Maximizing Produced Water Reuse/Recycling
  • Lower commitment thresholds through value capture outside of disposal
  • Asset management from an operator perspective
  • Open communication channels from the field level to the board room
permian oil & gas midstream water disposal pipeline infrastructure

state-of-the-art facilities

TX delaware basin

TR UE Blue SWD, Culberson County, Texas

Deep disposal well capable of 100,000 barrels per day strategically located in the Taylor Ranch area to provide our partners with optimized disposal capacity. Our well bore, gathering network, and facility were designed with cutting edge safety systems, strategic redundancy, and advanced automation systems.


NM delaware basin

Premier water infrastructure in the Whites City, NM area including approximately 65 miles of pipeline and 100,000 barrels per day of installed and permitted disposal capacity. The expansive system allows BBR to provide our customers the most economic, environmental friendly, and reliable water management solutions in the industry.

Freedom SWD, Eddy County, New Mexico

Liberty SWD, Eddy County, New Mexico

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