corporate responsibility


Blackbuck Resources is commited to:

  • PROTECT the health and safety of our employees, contractors, communities and environment. This commitment includes meeting or exceeding all applicable laws, regulations and best industry practices.
  • PREVENT accidents, injuries, illnesses, and at-risk behaviors and practices that could lead to incidents or near-miss exposure.
  • RESPOND to emergency situations promptly and effectively.

The safety and well-being of all personnel working for Blackbuck Resources is one of our top priorities. A healthy environment and safe workplace are important to us and are critical to our overall business success. In order to achieve this, every individual needs to make a personal commitment to act safely and look out for others. There is no job too important not to take time to do it safely. Everyone on Blackbuck Resources’ locations have a duty to stop unsafe work, not just a right.


BBR takes a differentiated approach to addressing ESG issues in the oil and gas industry.


  • Produced water reuse and recycle creates a “win-win” for operators.
    • Recycled water can be used in frac jobs, rather than disposed.
    • Water disposal acts as a form of sequestration for wastewater.
    • Blackbuck’s origins as a water treatment service provider and produced water consulting firm means we are the technical experts when it comes to water reuse.
  • TR UE Blue SWD eliminates the need for as many as 750 trucks per day, equivalent to 53,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per year.
  • Blackbuck takes seismicity concerns seriously.
    • Significant investment in geology and other mitigation practices that go above and beyond our competitors and other operators in the Permian.


  • Blackbuck’s team is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. We strive to hire the best employees and believe diversity of thought gives us a competitive advantage
    • 31% of workforce is female, over twice the average of 15% in the oil and gas industry
    • 45% of workforce are minorities


  • Blackbuck implemented a company-wide performance management system utilizing Objectives and Key Results (“OKRs”)
  • Our Mission Statement is supported by:
    • Adherence to the highest standard of business ethics
    • Compliance to best practice standards beyond those required by regulations
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